[地質] 臺大地質系第三十八屆青年論壇現場錄影

Speeches of The 38th Youth Forum, Department of Geosciences, College of Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


下表節錄自「國立臺灣大學理學院地質科學系暨研究所 第三十八屆青年論壇摘要集」

108年03月28 (March 28, 2019)
Speakers and Topics
Session 1 地球物理與大地構造 Geophysics and Tectonics
Chair : 李婕禎
劉承楠 Cheng-Nan Liu
Using low-cost seismometers and machine learning on earthquake early warning
汪靜瑤 Jingyao Wang
Mapping lateral variations of intrinsic attenuation of the crust from the coda of the noise cross correlations in Taiwan
佳作李芷芹 Chih-Chin Lee
Thermo-mechanical models on the trench retreat and back-arc spreading
陳艾荻 Ai-Ti Chen
Mantle fluids associated to crustal-scale faulting in a continental subduction setting, Taiwan
沈姿岑 Tzu-Tsen Shen
Post-collisional exhumation history in northern Tananao Complex, northeastern Taiwan: Insights from altitudinal variations of fission-track thermochronology
邱文翔 Wun-Siang Ciou
The tectonic characteristics of the coastal plain and basins in the northern Taiwan since the Last Glacial Maximum: Implications for sediment compaction in tectonic rate
鄭紹安 Shao-An Cheng
Active tectonics in the Southwestern Taiwan since the Last Glacial Maximum: implication for sediment compaction to tectonic rate
佳作林俞青 Yu-Chin Lin
Age, geochemical, and Sr-Nd isotopic characteristics of Cenozoic magmatic rocks in Armenia and implications for changing tectonic environment in the collision zone
Session 2
工程與構造地質 Engineering and Structural Geology
Chair : 陳承鴻
謝婷妮 Ting-Ni Hsieh
Relationships between Rainfall, Landslides and River chemistry around Tao-Cheng and Lanyang catchment
魏倫瑋 Lun-Wei Wei
The rainfall threshold and early warning model for debris slide in Taiwan
曹博涵 Bo-Han Tsao
Analysis of Yucheliao landslide in central Taiwan via subpixel correlation technique
陳致言 Chih-Yen Chen
Abnormal Strain Induced by Heavy Rainfall in Borehole Strainmeter Observation in Western Taiwan
佳作Graham Wong
Assessing the mass balance and seasonal variation of microplastic contamination in the river network of Taipei Basin
廖治豪 Jhih-Hao Liao
Neotectonic characteristics along both flanks of the OuBackbone Range, Tohoku Region, Japan, from fluvial geomorphic analyses
優勝孫正瑋 Cheng-Wei Sun
Using high resolution DEM and geomorphological interpretation to improve the geologic map in low-grade metamorphism area –a case study in Toucheng Map
洪煒晴 Wei-Ching Hung
Hydrothermal alternation and geothermal gradient control the creeping behavior of the Philippine fault on the Leyte segment
108年03月29 (March 29, 2019)
Session3材料與礦物 Materiology and Mineralogy
Chair : 陳玟卉
沈如妍 Ju-Yen Shen
The Enhancement of Ordered Pt Modified TiO2-Nanohole Anode for Removing Isopropanol by Electrochemical Oxidation
鄭竹軒 Chu-Hsuan Chen
Life Cycle Assessment of Limestone and Modified CaO/TiO2 Sorbent in Coal Fired Power Plant with Calcium Looping Process
楊汶達 Wen-Ta Yang
Long-lived high performance well-dispersed copper modified TiO2 Mesosphere for CO oxidation
廖宇同 Yu-Thung Liaw
Enhanced CO Oxidation Catalytic Activity with CuO Modified Layered Double Hydroxide Derivatives
張琬柔 Wan-Jou Chang
In-situ Spectroscopic Investigation on Arsenic Sequestration Mechanism by Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron in the Liquid-Phase Flow Cell
佳作李琯儀 Guan-Yi Li
Study on the thermal behavior of Birnessite with different particle sizes
陳志穎 Jhih-Ying Chen
Preliminary study of the effect of different carbon sources on the synthesis of graphite encapsulated silicon nanocrystals
佳作蔡敦皓 Tun-Hao Tsai
New working model for the synthesis of graphite encapsulated metal nanoparticle in an arc-discharge system
Session 4古氣候與古海洋 Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanogrpahy
Chair : 胡訓銘
王瑞琳 Jui-Lin Wang
High-resolution Stalagmite Records from Diaoshuihucave, Changchun, Northeast China for Late Holocene Paleoclimate and Environmental Reconstruction
蘇宗正 Zong-Zheng Su
Reconstruction of late Holocene climate based on a high resolution stalagmite record from an unnamed cave in SE Jilin of NE China
蔡獻禛 Hsien-Chen Tsai
Structures of Ice Age Terminations V and VI inferred from Italian Speleothem
熊培成 Pei-Chen Hsiung
Modeling the impact of glacial/interglacial sea level change on benthic denitrification in the South China Sea
優勝方薇甯 Wei-Ning Fang
Precessionally Paced Foraminifera-bound Nitrogen Isotope Variations in the Solomon Sea Influenced by Eastern Equatorial Pacific Upwelling Intensity
莊智凱 Chih-Kai Chuang
High resolution record of hydrological changes in surface waters of southern Western Pacific Warm Pool during 2.2-1.2 Ma
Awards ceremony (including for publishing the SCI paper)



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