[GIS] Basic vector editing using QGIS 3

QGIS comes with a major update to version 3.0.1 ( I still using 2.18 last month). I tried some basic (GDAL) tools and find that most of it could work in the background, which means you can still working when the gdal tools processing the data. Here is just a simple note about the basic vector editor operations.

  1. Opening a new ESRI shapefile by click “New shapefile Layer” in “Data source management toolbar” . Choose a favorite path to save it. Don’t forget to specify the projection and check enable Z box if you need. (This cannot be enabled after creating the shapefile.)
  2. Choose the vector layer in “Layer Panel” by left-clicking the mouse.
  3. Click on the “Toggle Editing”  in “Digitizing Toolbar” to start to edit the layer. You will notice that there is a pen on the layer.
  4. Click “Add Point/Line/Polygon feature” next to the “Toggle Editing” button. You will find that the mouse is changed to a target shape.
  5. Click on the map and start to create the feature.
    If some point goes wrong, use “Delete” to remove it.
  6. Right click the mouse to stop editing. The attribute setting window will pop up. Click “OK” to save the feature or “Cancel” to dismiss the change.
  7. Click “Save Layer Edits” to flush the change into shapefile.
  8. Repeat step 4-6 until you finish editing.
  9. Click the “Toggle Editing” to disable the digitizing tools.

Here is the combined screen shot of all the steps above.


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