[Photography] NTU spots for academic dress – Fu Bell

June is the season of graduation in Taiwan. Here I’ll recommend some great portrait photo spots for those who wear the academic dress.

The Fu Bell

The bell was built in 1951. The bell is built to memorize Fu, Ssu-nien, the previous president of NTU. The bell rings 21 sounds when class start and dismiss; it is because president Fu said that we need to spend 3 hours to think. The bell is also in the NTU emblem to show the spirit of NTU.


Photo Example

The photo is taken by Nikon DSLR and Tamron 15-30 F2.8 VC. The wide-angle lens is suitable for this place because the surrounding space is quite limited here. Also, you may use the distortion to make the legs longer and get better body ratio. Four aspects can provide different background. You can always find the surprise in different season.


Comment below if you want to know more 🙂


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