[Photography] NTU spots for academic dress – Gate

June is the season of graduation in Taiwan. Here I’ll recommend some great portrait photo spots for those who wear the academic dress.

The Main Gate

The gate was built in 1931 ( the Taihoku Teikoku Daigaku (台北帝国大学) period) with beautiful structure. It’s around 3 m height and looks like a fortress.


Photo Example

The photo is taken by Nikon DSLR and Tamron 15-30 mm VC lens @ 29mm. The spot is suitable for both personal or group photo. The place is a little bit dangerous, however, because it is the main entrance/exit of the NTU campus. Pay attention at all time to make sure your own safety.Wide-angle lens (under 35 mm (35 mm frame equivalent )) is recommend.

Above photo is an actual group photo taken in the front of the gate of NTU. The people are blackened.

Comment below if you want to know more detail 🙂


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